Great Harvest Bread

A Fresh Start

We are your neighborhood, family owned, community focused old fashioned Maple Grove bakery.  Each morning, well before dawn, you’ll find us grinding Montana wheat into whole wheat flour on our stone mill.  We hand craft each loaf of bread from scratch – you won’t ever find a frozen loaf in our freezers.   Along with the wheat we purchase from family farms, we’re using the finest wholesome ingredients we can find.  Our honey whole wheat contains 5 ingredients –all of them you can pronounce – daily ground whole wheat, honey, water, yeast and salt.  We’re also brewing a locally roasted coffee from Roastery7 coffee.  Roastery7 is committed to the integrity of Fair Trade relations with coffee growing communities, and to supporting sustainable farming practices.  Our scrumptious sweets including muffins, scones, cookies, sweet breads, bars and varieties of made fresh Donuts from the award winning Moon Donuts and Cafe will tempt even the most discerning.   Looking for something delicious for lunch? Come in and enjoy a made to order sandwich in which we use only the freshest ingredients.

Come in, enjoy the music, friendly team members, wonderfully inviting aromas and of course, a thick slice of FREE bread.

As the Army Veteran,  We gladly give back to our neighbors in providing bread for charities, fundraisers, school, and other community events.  Our motto:  Be loose and have fun,  bake phenomenal bread, run fast to help customers  and give generously to others.    

Moon and Mary Seng 

Great Harvest Bread of Maple Grove

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